Ukrenergo: coal stocks in warehouses continue to decrease

NPC Ukrenergo reported that the production of TPPs last week increased by 5.1% (to 770.2 million kWh). The reason for this is the growth in electricity consumption (+ 3.2%).

The share of TPPs in covering the load, as compared to the previous week, increased from 25% to 26%.

During the week, the number of TPP and CHP units increased, which are under emergency repairs at the request of manufacturers. In addition, at the request of manufacturers, due to lack of fuel, 19 units of thermal power plants and thermal power plants with a total capacity of 6.9 GW cannot operate.

The situation with coal accumulation worsened during the week. As of the morning of October 11, the total coal stocks in the TPP warehouses decreased by 6.5% (to 666.6 thousand tons) compared to the volume on the morning of October 4 (713 thousand tons). In addition, the reserves of gas coal decreased by 4.7% (to 511 thousand tons) and anthracite - by 12% (to 155.6 thousand tons).

At the same time, compared to September 1, coal reserves in TPP warehouses decreased by 9.7%, while gas coal reserves, on the contrary, increased by 2.4%.

The average daily volumes of coal supplies over the past 10 days amounted to 56.5 thousand tons, while consumption (combustion) - 61.6 thousand tons.

In addition, in accordance with the fuel accumulation schedule approved by the Ministry of Energy, there is 3.9 times less coal in the TPP warehouses than it should be on October 11.

As a reminder, Centrenergo assured there would be no problems with coal in the heating season.

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