There will be fewer coal-fired power plants in the world in 2019

In 2019, global coal electricity production will decline by about 3%. This is the biggest drop in output over the past ten years. It is reported by Renen.

In absolute terms, this means a decrease of about 300 TWh, which is more than the total output of coal-fired power plants in Germany, Spain and the UK last year.

Over the past 35 years, a decrease in the production of coal electric energy has occurred twice: in 2009 – by 148 TWh due to the global financial crisis; in 2015 – 217 TWh as a result of a slowdown in the Chinese economy.

The record decline in coal-fired power plants in developed countries, including Germany, the EU as a whole, and South Korea, is not offset by growth in others. The largest reduction is in the United States, where large coal-fired power plants are closing this month.

India is also undergoing change. The Indian Expres newspaper reported that 133 coal-fired power units with a total capacity of more than 65 GW were shut off in the country due to low demand or “inability to sign electricity sales agreements with energy retail organizations”.

The reason for the drop in electricity generation by coal-fired power plants in different countries is different. They depend on an increase in the production of electricity from renewable sources and natural gas, in some countries of the nuclear power industry, as well as a slowdown or negative growth in demand for electricity.

A record decline in coal electricity production increases the likelihood of a slowdown in global CO2 emissions in 2019.

Earlier it was reported that the Carbon Tracker Initiative said that the EU coal-fired power plants are operating with large financial losses and are losing $6.6 billion, as they cannot compete with cheap renewable energy sources.

Recall that the head of the UN called for not subsidizing coal-fired power plants.

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