Portugal to close all coal-fired power plants in 2021

In Portugal, the Sines coal-fired power plant was decommissioned, and only one coal-fired power plant remains in the country, and it is planned to close it in November, Ekonomichna Pravda reports.

Last July, Portuguese energy company EDP announced its decision to shut down its 1,296 MW coal-fired power plant, halting operations two years earlier than planned.

The decision is "part of EDP's decarbonisation strategy" and came in a context where energy production increasingly relies on renewable sources, the company said back in July.

As a result, only one coal-fired power plant remains in Portugal, Pego, which is already scheduled to close this November.

When that happens, Portugal will become the fourth country in Europe to eliminate coal from electricity generation, following Belgium (2016), Austria and Sweden (2020).

According to environmental activists, the Sines power station produced an average of 12% of Portugal's total greenhouse gas emissions.

Earlier it was reported that Portugal did not use coal for 52 consecutive days in 2020.

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