Belarus assures that the coal is not from ORDLO

In 2018, Ukraine almost a thousand times increased imports of anthracite coal from Belarus, which is not mined in this country.

Mainly coal of the TO grade was imported from Belarus from the Kiizassky mine, which is managed by the Russian company “VostokUgol”. It is announced by

In Ukraine, coal was purchased by “Tekhnova” (Chernihiv CHPP) and “Euro-Reconstruction” (Darnytska CHPP in Kyiv). Both companies are included in the “Ukrteploenergo” of former MP Anatoly Shkriblyak.

Coal was also supplied for the “Podolskiy Cement” plant, which is a part of the Irish holding CRH, and for the Slavyanska TPP, which is owned by “Donbasenergo”. Ukrainian trader “Ami Trade” also bought coal from Belarus, selling it in villages.

According to the Ukrainian customs statistics, four Belarusian companies were involved in coal supply: “Gomel Business Alliance” Llc. (80.26 thousand tons) and “Trans-Ugol” Llc. (46.29 thousand tons), as well as “Ecoil Chemical” Llc. (27.07 thousand tons) from the Polotsk district and “Ecoline Systems” Llc. (20.11 thousand tons) from Minsk.

These companies were registered from 2014 to 2018, with small statutory funds (100-300 rubles).

The company “Business Alliance” is 100% owned by businessman Andriy Baido. He said that he had not imported coal from ORDLO and his is transparent.

“Under the guise of a Mercedes, you cannot deliver a Zaporozhets. Coal, like any product, differs greatly in performance. Laboratories give certificates. They will not do fake. It's impossible. We are not interested in illegal schemes”, said Andriy Baido.

Co-owner and the Head of “Ecoline Systems”, Eduard Bohdanchuk, said that he supplied coal to Ukraine because it is profitable, but in his opinion, this direction will soon be curtailed.

“Nobody deals with shady schemes. Everything is legal. We are now working this way, because it is quite profitable. It is better for Belarus. Everybody earns. But every day more and more people want to make money on it, so it will stop very soon. There are no politics”, said Eduard Bohdanchuk.

It was reported earlier that the Belarusian edition published an article, which stated that in 2018 Ukraine had almost a thousand times increased imports of anthracite coal from Belarus, which is not mined in this country. The Minister of Energy and Coal Mining, Igor Nasalik, said that coal could be re-exported from Russia, but it is certainly not from ORDLO.

Source: epravda

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