Kotlyarevskaya mine in Donetsk region is de-energized

On Monday morning, Kotlyarevska mine of Selidovuhillya SE in the city of Novogrodovka, Donetsk region was de-energized. It is reported by Korrespondent.

The chairman of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine, Mykhaylo Volynets (Batkivshchyna faction), said that as a result of the accident, main ventilation fans and hoisting machines stopped. A preliminary cause of the accident is a violation of safety regulations: instead of two independent cable entries, the shaft is systematically kept on only one. He later wrote that the “lift is on” and that the miners came to the surface.

The Ministry of Energy said it was keeping the situation under control.

“In order to restore power supply to the ventilation of Kotlyarevska mine of Selidovuhillya SE, representatives of Regional Electric Networks carry out emergency recovery work and provide emergency assistance to miners to restore 6 kV cable line. Now they are checking 6 kV cable,” the message says.

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