The Ministry of Energy presented a project to reform the coal industry

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine has prepared a draft Concept for reforming the coal industry, based on the prospects of coal mining enterprises and the need to solve a number of problems that have accumulated in the industry, the press service reports.

Today, under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, a meeting of the Coordination Center for the Transformation of Ukrainian Coal Regions took place.

Among several reform options, the Ministry has prioritized the way to link the privatization process and the integration process of state mines with Centrenergo PJSC. This path includes the distribution of mines into three groups.

The first group includes mines to be integrated with Centrenergo and which are its resource base. The second is dual-use mines, the sale of which is not limited exclusively to thermal generations. The third group of mines is those that will be offered for privatization not only as coal mining enterprises but also as integral property complexes that can be used for other economic activities.

“As part of the allocation, the Ministry will be guided by the results of audits of state enterprises, the investment and geological potential of each mine, the needs of Centrenergo and objective data on the investment attractiveness of state mines,” Buslavets said.

Currently, the Ministry, together with foreign partners, in particular, the German government and international organizations, are choosing mines for pilot projects to transform coal monocities. The Ministry of Energy offered the German side 6 mines – in the west and east of Ukraine.

Among the potential first pilot projects, two of the proposed mines are considered: Velykomostovska mine, located in the west of the country, in the city of Chervonohrad and potentially may become a powerful tourist cluster, and 5/6 mine, which is located in the east, in the city of Myrnohrad, and has the potential of a technology cluster.

Recall that the World Bank, together with the European Commission, will help the exchange of experience between Ukraine and Poland in the transformation of coal regions.

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