All coal mines to be closed in Poland by 2049

The Polish government has agreed with trade unions to close all coal mines by 2049, while miners had been on strike underground for several days before, reports.

Poland produces most of its electricity from coal and is the only European Union country that has not committed to be carbon neutral until 2050.

Deputy Minister of State Assets Artur Sobon and the head of the Silesian-Dombrowski branch of the Solidarity trade union, Dominik Kolezh, said that an understanding had been reached on a long-term model of transformation of the Polish mining industry.

According to the agreement, the last coal mine in Poland is to be closed in 2049.

Despite the planned closure of the mines, the government will provide miners with employment until their retirement, and if this is not possible, social assistance will be provided.

“Poland is following its own path, taking into account its specificity; we are in line with the policy of the European Union,” Sobon said.

The content of the contract between the government and the miners must be submitted to the European Commission.

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