Sweden has closed the last CHP ahead of schedule

Stockholm energy supply company Stockholm Exergi has closed the last coal station in Sweden – KVV6 CHP (Kraftvärmeverk 6). It is reported by Renen.

There were two boiler houses at the CHP. One of them was removed from work last fall. The other remained as a reserve, but due to the mild winter was not involved. The final closure took place with the completion of the heating season and 2 years ahead of schedule.

“Our goal is to make all our products from renewable or processed energy sources,” says CEO of Stockholm Exergi. “We continue to work towards a transition to climate-neutral solutions, and solutions that create negative emissions.”

By 2040, Stockholm plans to completely stop the use of fossil fuels (in all sectors), and the country has to fully switch to renewable energy by the same date and become climate-neutral by 2045. The closure of a coal-fired power plant is one of the steps towards these goals.

Earlier it was reported that electricity production by wind in Sweden would increase by 129% by 2022.

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