2.25 GW coal station closed in USA

USA announced the closure of Navajo's largest coal-fired power plant in the West.

This was reported by the company Salt River Project, which is the owner of the facility, reports Ecotown. Before that, in August, the mine, which supplied coal to a thermal power station, was closed.

“Closing the plant was a difficult but necessary decision, dictated by economic realities”, said Mike Hummel, CEO of Salt River Project, an Arizona-based utility company that owns the facility. “Prices for natural gas and renewable energy sources such as solar energy are becoming much more competitive in value”.

The decision was made after several years of discussions and attempts to optimize the economic model of the plant and meet environmental air quality standards.

Recall, the UN Secretary General called for an end to subsidizing coal-fired power plants.

Earlier it was reported that in the UK a coal-fired thermal power plant with a capacity of 2 GW was closed due to economic unprofitability and adverse market conditions.

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