Ukrenergo informed about the critical situation of coal stocks

NPC Ukrenergo announced a critical situation of coal stocks of all grades in the warehouses of TPPs, Ekonomichna Pravda reports. As of January 18, coal stocks have decreased 5.2 times to 487.5 thousand tons since the beginning of November 2020.

There are 283.6 thousand tons (decreased by 7.5 times) of gas coal, and 203.9 thousand tons (-44.4%) of anthracite, while total stock is 487.5 thousand tons.

“Therefore, starting from Monday, January 18, additional six units of three TPPs (Vuhlehirska TPP, Zmiivska TPP, Trypolska TPP) with a total capacity of 1200 MW have been put into operation on reserve fuel (gas),” the message says.

Ukrenergo added that electricity consumption increased due to the sharp cold snap.

Electricity production by HPPs and PSPPs was increased to balance the power system and cover the additional load.

In particular, the average daily production of hydroelectric power plants increased by 30% compared to the previous week, and a load of thermal power plants was also increased. Their average daily production increased by 6%. All units of the TPPs used coal during the week.

“There were no blackouts over the past week, and as of January 18, the schedules for power limitation and emergency shutdown of industrial enterprises have not been applied and are not yet planned for use,” the company said.

As reported, there was an emergency shutdown of power unit No.7 at Slavyanska TPP.

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