UK stops investing in coal abroad

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, said that Britain was stopping government investment in coal energy abroad, Ecotown reports.

Johnson announced that British taxpayers’ money would no longer be invested in coal mining, which is used to produce energy during the British-African Investment Summit in London on January 20.

“From now on, the British government will no longer invest in the production by thermal coal or coal-fired power plants abroad, provide direct state assistance to developing countries for relevant purposes, provide export credits or take other measures aimed at stimulating the industry, and focus on supporting events on the transition to low-carbon or non-carbon energy”, said the Prime Minister.

In 2019, 43% of the British energy mix accounted for fossil fuel consumption. Wind farms, nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power plants, solar panels, as well as the conversion of biomass into energy “outweighed” coal and natural gas.

In October a coal thermal power plant with a capacity of 2 GW was closed in Britain.

Earlier it was reported that the UK had lived without coal generation for the first time since 1882.

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