Vitrenko: Coal for Centrenergo will be supplied from state mines under direct contracts

Acting Energy Minister Yurii Vitrenko said that coal will be supplied to Centrenergo from state mines under direct contracts, bypassing intermediaries, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

“At today's meeting with Centrenergo and the State Property Fund, which is its formal owner, and then at an online meeting with the state mines, we agreed on how coal will be supplied to Centrenergo under direct contracts. The coal that requires enrichment will also be supplied to the enrichment plants through a 100% state-owned company, since they are privately leased,” Vitrenko said at a meeting of the Rada's Committee on Energy and Housing and Utilities on Thursday.

Answering a question regarding the repayment of debts, in particular, to Nadiia mine, he noted that as soon as the law on the restoration of the powers of the acting comes into force, he will immediately sign the documents necessary to ensure that "state support for mines from the budget was implemented and the money was received."

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