Coal supplies to TPPs and CHPs exceeded consumption for the first time since August 2020

The supply of coal to thermal power plants of power generating companies of Ukraine in March 2021 for the first time since August 2020, or in the last seven months, exceeded its consumption, Energoreforma reports.

Coal intake in March of this year at the TPP amounted to 1.668 million tons, while its consumption was 1.611 million tons, incl. anthracite – 0.127 million tons and 0.1 million tons, the gas group – 1.541 million tons and 1.51 million tons, respectively.

At the end of January-March 2021, coal consumption at TPPs exceeded supply by 6.2% (5.274 million tons and 4.966 million tons), and in October-December 2020 – by 44.5% (4.46 million tons and 6.446 million tons).

In 2020, coal consumption at TPPs in Ukraine exceeded supply by 10.6% (18.726 million tons and 16.93 million tons).

Thus, in April 2021, Ukraine entered with coal reserves in the warehouses of TPPs in the amount of 0.491 million tons, incl. anthracite – 0.156 thousand tons, the gas group – 0.335 million tons.

As reported, Vitrenko withdrew the concept of reforming the coal industry, proposed by Buslavets.

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