The World Bank will support Ukraine in the restructuring of the coal industry

At a technical meeting, experts from the World Bank and the European Commission discussed the importance of interaction between central executive bodies, in particular, the Ministry of Energy, local authorities and international organizations in planning and implementing the conversion of coal regions. This was reported by the press service.

The World Bank, with the support of the European Commission and other international financial institutions, is ready to provide support in mitigating social and environmental consequences as part of the restructuring of the coal industry and the transition to a “green” economy, as well as the socio-economic conversion of coal regions.

“The conversion of coal regions is taking into account the best international practices. Particular attention should be paid to mitigating social, economic and environmental consequences. People are our top priority”, said Stanislav Kovalevsky.

Michael Stanley from the World Bank and Torsten Wollert from the European Commission noted that the platform for coal regions at the transition step for the Western Balkans and Ukraine could be a tool for implementing projects that will reduce the dependence of the regions on the coal industry.

To recap, analysts have proposed options for changing the coal industry.

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