Ukrainian coal mining decreased by 8% over 9 months

In January-September 2019, enterprises in Ukraine reduced coal mining by 8% (by 1 million 987.3 thousand tons) compared to the same period in 2018 – to 22 million 861.9 thousand tons. It is reported by Energoreforma.

According to the Ministry of Energy, coking coal mining increased by 1.5% (by 65.8 thousand tons) to 4 million 529.3 thousand tons, while thermal coal mining decreased by 10.1% (by 2.053 million tons) to 18 million 332.6 thousand tons.

Coal mining enterprises over nine months of this year reduced production by 14.2% (by 445.9 thousand tons) to 2 million 702.6 thousand tons, including coking coal mining increased by  1.7 times (by 260.9 thousand tons) – up to 635 thousand tons, while thermal coal mining fell by 25.5% (by 706.8 thousand tons), to 2 million 67, 6 thousand tons.

The mines of Donetsk region for over nine months of 2019 provided production of 8 million 64.1 thousand tons of coal (-3.2% compared to January-September-2018), Luhansk – 277.4 thousand tons (-30.3%), Dnipropetrovsk – 13 million 464.3 thousand tons (-9.2%), Lviv – 999.7 thousand tons (-17.2%), Volyn – 56.4 thousand tons (-30%).

Coal mining in Ukraine for January-September 2018 and 2019 (thousand/ tons):

Recall that coal reserves in the warehouses of thermal power plants of energy producing companies of Ukraine as of October 15, 2019 are 1 million 284.7 thousand tons, which is 20.5% (331.3 thousand tons) less than in 2018 .

Earlier it was reported that the Verkhovna Rada had allowed allocating 1 billion UAH for the restructuring of mines.

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