Coal stocks in warehouses are 2.1 million tons higher than last year – the Ministry of Energy

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine released statistics on the fuel and energy complex of Ukraine as of September 8, 2020.

So, since the beginning of the month, Ukraine has produced 2.63 billion kWh of electricity, which is 9.9% more than the forecast plan and 1.8% more than last year.

Most of the electricity was produced by Ukrainian NPPs – 1.33 billion kWh, or 50.6%;

  • TPPs and CHPPs produced 900.3 million kWh and have a 34.2% share in the country's electricity balance;
  • HPPs and PSPPs – 136.9 million kWh, or 5.8%;
  • Renewables – 225.7 million kWh, or 8.6%;
  • Block stations – 37.5 million kWh, or 1.4%.

At nuclear power plants, 9 out of 15 nuclear power units are in operation, 6 units are under scheduled maintenance.

The country has sufficient stocks of energy resources for the passage of the autumn-winter period.

Fuel stocks are:

  • coal in warehouses – 2.96 million tons, which is 2.1 million tons more than the corresponding period last year (348.3%);
  • fuel oil – 46.5 thousand tons, which is 14.5 thousand tons more than last year (145.1%).
  • gas in underground storages – 25.98 cubic meters, which is 138.7% against the corresponding period last year.

As a reminder, preparations for the autumn-winter season have begun at the end of July. As noted by Acting Energy Minister Olha Buslavets, Ukraine is entering the heating season with consistently high fuel stocks.

Earlier it was reported that preparations for the heating season are coming to an end in the capital.

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