Coal reserves at thermal power plants exceeded last year's figures by 2% for the first time

Coal stocks in the warehouses of Ukrainian thermal power plants for the first time exceeded last year's almost by 2% and amount to 1.9 million tons. It is reported by UNIAN with reference to Andriy Gerus.

“Today is the first day when coal volumes in warehouses exceed last year’s. 1.99 million tons, or 101.7% compared to the previous year are stored in the warehouses of thermal power plants. In early September, there was 50% of coal reserves at the same date last year”,Gerus wrote on Facebook.

Earlier it was reported that over 9 months in Ukraine, coal production decreased by 8%.

Recall that in October Kazakhstan announced that it was losing $11 million a month for the Russian ban on coal transit in Ukraine.

On June 1, Russia’s ban on the supply of coal and oil products to Ukraine became effective, a number of goods can now be imported on the basis of separate permits.

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