Renewable energy News

A solar station with a capacity of 17.7 MW is being built in Odesa region

SPP will be built in Pavlivka, Artsyz district.

Tesla was sued due to poor-quality solar panels

Walmart requested the court because of a fire in solar panels.

American airport is fully solar powered

Chattanooga Airport is switched to solar energy.

Two wind farms with a capacity of 120 MW will be built in Zhytomyr region

The projects are implemented by the Wind Solar Energy.

Amazon plans to launch a SPP with a capacity of 45 MW to power its data centers

The company also plans to build a 23.2 MW wind farm in Ireland.

Floating SPPs with a total capacity of 5.3 GW is being built In India

Now projects of floating solar power plants with a total capacity of 5.3 GW are being implemented at various stages of development in India.

Renewable energy Analytics

The development of renewables in the 2nd quarter of 2019

In the first half of 2019, 1 517.1 MW of renewables were commissioned in Ukraine.

The place of renewables in the world generation of 2050.

BNEF forecasts the increase in the share of renewables up to 50% already in 2050.

Renewables electricity production in May 2019

In May 2019 renewables output 468.5 thousand MWh of electricity into the market.

Solar generation challenges in Great Britain

The UK government is slowing its own solar power market.