Renewable energy Analytics

Renewables electricity production in May 2019

In May 2019 renewables output 468.5 thousand MWh of electricity into the market.

Solar generation challenges in Great Britain

The UK government is slowing its own solar power market.

Energy storage production in Europe: current state and prospects

About the realities of the European battery market and the role of Ukraine in it

Electricity production by renewables in April 2019

Іn April 2019 renewables produced 359.4 thousand MWh of electricity.

Electricity generation by renewables

Renewables produced 367.9 thousand MWh of electricity in March 2019.

The cost of electricity production from nontraditional sources

The prime cost of MWh for wind farms, SPPs and offshore wind farms since 2010 has been reduced by 49%, 84% and 56%, respectively.

Renewables growth dynamics

As of today the total capacity of renewables in Ukraine is 2978.6 MW.

Electricity generation by renewables in February 2019

Ukrainian renewables generated 251 122 MWh of electricity.

Global investment in renewable energy

Global investment in clean energy has amounted to more than $300 billion.

TOP-10 onshore wind farms in the world

China is on 1-st place again.

Production of electricity by renewables

186 thousand MWh was generated.