Electricity generation by renewables

electricity generation by renewables

Renewables produced 367.9 thousand MWh of electricity in March 2019. According to SOE Energorynok, actual indicators of “green” electricity output were lower than forecasted in 18 days of March. The key generation types as always were wind and solar farms, which output to the market 138.4 thousand MWh (37.6%) and 174 thousand MWh (47.3%) respectively.

The average electricity cost from renewables amounted to 4789.05 UAH per MWh in March. The most expensive electricity was solar, the price of which was 6041.23 UAH/MWh, while other types working on “green” tariff were selling electricity at less than 4000 UAH/MWh.

To sum up the 1st quarter of 2019, volumes of electricity output by renewables into the WEM of Ukraine amounted to 805.4 thousand MWh. By generation types, wind farms was 46.8% (377 thousand MWh), SPPs – 34.5% (278 thousand MWh), HPPs – 9.8% (79.5 thousand MWh), biogas plants – 5.2% (42.5 thousand MWh) and biomass plants – 3.4% (27.8 thousand MWh).

As the Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining notes, a more than twofold increase in the production of electricity from renewables is predicted in 2019.The key factor in the growth of generation is a significant increase in renewable energy capacity, which in the 1st quarter of 2019 amounted to 861.1 MW.

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