Global investment in renewable energy

Global investment in renewable energy sources was $332.1 billion, which is 8% less compared to last year. Global investment in clean energy has amounted to more than $300 billion a year for the fifth consecutive year. The investment volume increased by 27% (up to $74.5 billion) in European countries in RES sector. China, which invested in alternative sources more than the whole Europe and the US together in 2017, decreased investment volume of new objects to $100.1 billion.

By sectors, investors have preferred solar energy projects since 2010, which means that the amount of funds for SPPs exceeded the funding of wind farms. However, investment volume in solar energy decreased by 24% (to $131 billion). At the same time, when investment in SPPs decreased, investment volumes in offshore wind farms increased by 14% compared to 2017 (to $25.7). As a result, in 2018, the amount of investment is virtually the same: $129 billion for wind farms and $131 billion for SPPs. Another $70 billion was invested in projects that will work on biofuels.

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