Production of electricity by renewables

Producers of renewable energy generated 186 275 MWh of electricity in the first month of the year. In 31 days of January the average daily generation was 6008.9 MWh of “green” electricity. Mostly, electricity was received from wind farms, which produced 114 769 MWh (62% in the overall structure). The rest of the production was generated by SPPs – 26 016 MWh (14%), HPPs – 24 017 MWh (13 %), biogas plants – 12 704 MWh (7%) and biomass plants – 8 767 (5%).

In the overall electricity market structure, RES contribution is not large – in 2018 the production volume of electricity was only 2%. However, the development of the sector is moving pretty fast, until the fossil fuel-fired generation does not increase its capacity. During 2018, 742.5 MW of new capacities were added in Ukraine, The most of them are SPPs (646.6 MW from the overall 742.5 MW were SPPs).

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