Growth of solar generation in Europe and worldwide: Spain leads

16.7 GW of solar power plants were commissioned in Europe (EU-28) this year. This is 104% more than in 2018 (see chart above). The relevant data was published by the European Solar Energy Association in SolarPower Europe “EU market outlook for Solar Power”. Find out more about solar energy and renewables in the world and Ukraine at the international business forum REEX (Renewable Energy Expo), which will be held on March 3-5 in Kyiv, in the congress hall "Ukrainian House".


Spain becomes the market leader; it had 4.7 GW of solar power in 2019. In this country, solar energy has historically lagged far behind the wind, despite favorable environmental conditions. But now Spain is rapidly increasing its photovoltaic capacities.
Germany ranked second (about 4 GW), which also shows impressive market growth. The Netherlands has 2.5 GW, France – 1.1 GW of new solar capacities.
New projects of large companies in this field also confirm that even in densely populated Europe there is enough space for the construction of giant solar-generating facilities, and there are no spatial restrictions for the development of the industry.
SolarPower Europe forecast in the same survey provides for continued growth of the solar energy market in the EU until 2023. According to the conservative scenario, an increase in solar generation capacities of 20-21 GW is predicted in 2020, about 22 GW in 2021, solar energy is expected to grow by 24.3 GW in 2022, and by 26.8 GW in 2023.

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