TOP-10 onshore wind farms in the world

10.  Fowler Ridge – 600 MW 

The wind farm with a capacity of 600 MW is located in in the city of the same name in Indiana. The project was made in 2 stages: the works started in 2005 and a farm was commissioned in 2008. A power station changed developers several times over the years.  They were:  “Orion Energy”, “Vision Energy”, “BP” and “Dominion Resources”. For today, a half of shares belong to “BP Alternative Energy North America”, the other half – to“Dominion Resources”.

9. Fântânele-Cogealac – 600 MW

The find farm with the area of 110 is located in Romania. 240 wind turbines of General Electric production are on this area. The project in Romania is the largest onshore wind power station in Europe due to its capacity. It was constructed by Czech

CEZ Group.

8. Capricorn Ridge – 662.5 MW

Capricorn Ridge  with 407 wind turbines is located in the central Texas. 65 of them with a capacity of 2.3 MW and produced by Siemens Gamesa, the other turbines with a capacity of 1.5 MW were supplied by General Electric. JPMorgan Chase and GE Energy Financial Services are investors of this project.

7. Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center – 735.5 MW

The wind power station is also built in the central Texas (USA) with the area of 190 A wind farm was built in several stages, “Blattner Energy”, “InvestEnergyGroup”, “NextEra”, “Tetra-Tech” took part in the construction and Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center has 421 turbines. 291 turbines with a capacity of 1.5 MW are produced by General Electric and 139 with a capacity of 2.3 MW are produced by Siemens Gamesa.

6. Roscoe – 781.5 MW

The Roscoe wind park is also located in Texas, covering four local districts. The capacity of a wind farm is formed by 634 turbines, and in 2009, this project was actually the largest wind power plant in the world. Due to its location in the countryside and its high capacity, the wind park provides 250.000 families with electricity.

The cost of Roscoe construction is more than $1billion. E.ON Climate & Renewables owns and runs a find farm.

5. Shepherds Flat – 845 MW

Shepherds Flat is American wind farm, which is located near Arlington, Oregon. The project was started in 2008 by Caithness Energy and officially launched in 2012. For the development of Shepherds Flat's wind farm, 348 General Electric turbines with a capacity of 2.5 MW each were purchased.

4. Jaisalmer1 064 MW

The second largest onshore wind power station in India. It is located in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Suzlon Energy made the project with 17.000 MW of installed wind capacity through 11.000 wind turbines for more than 1.700 customers from all over the world.

3. Muppandal – 1 500 MW

Muppandal is the most powerful onshore wind farm in India, which is located in Tamil Nadu an is built by the Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (which have been promoting and developing renewables since 1985). The capacity of Muppandal is 20% of total Indian wind capacity.

2. Alta Wind Energy Center – 1 548 MW

Alta Wind Energy Center (AWEC) is located in Kern County, California and is the largest onshore wind power station in the US. AWEC currently has 600 active turbines, placed throughout the entire territory – 3.200 hectares.  Turbines for the second largest wind farm in the world are supplied by Dutch Vestas.

However, the project is not completed as developers (Terra-Gen) said, a final capacity will be 3.000 MW and the goal of the project is to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 5.2 million tons/year.

1. Gansu – 7 965 MW

Gansu is being constructed in China as one of the key elements of the fight against air pollution. The start of construction was laid in 2009 and today the park has about 7.000 wind turbines located in desert areas near Tsuukin.

However, it was decided not to stop, as the project's implementation continues, and the final result should be a capacity of 20.000 MW.

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