Renewable energy News

“Green” auctions are the fight for quotas. Who and how will set them up?

Within “green” auctions participants will fight for the right to build RES objects offering their generation price for the next 20 years. The state will “order” the volume of capacities.

O&G company “Total” plans to invest in wind energy

O&G “Total” Group cooperate has temporarily merged with Danish company “Orsted” and French “Elicio” to participate in the tender of projects for the construction the offshore wind farm “Dunkirk offsho...

EBRD will renew funding SPPs after Ukraine will switch to auctions

As it is known the EBRD stopped funding new SPPs in Ukraine owing to funds exhaustion.

“Kyivoblenergo” announced a tender for the construction of a 5 MW SPP in Boryspil

Private JSC “Kyivoblenergo” announced a tender for the construction of a solar power plant “Boryspil” with a capacity of 5 MW.

China plans to send a solar power station into space

Scientists plan to send a SPP into Earth orbit at a height of 36 000 km.

Turkish company will construct solar farms with a capacity of 160 MW in Ukraine

Turkish “EMSOLT” will make a number of projects on solar farms construction with a total capacity of more than 160 MW.

Biogas plant will be launched ate end of summer 2019 in Dnipro

Water Service Company in Dnipro finishes the construction of biogas complex for the recycling of wastewater slime and electricity production and plans the launching on July - August 2019.

On the border with Crimea a new wind farm with a capacity of 133 MW will be installed

German company “Nordex” enters the Ukrainian market. It will install 34 wind turbines for “Sivash” wind farm on the border with Crimea.

Bio-TPP are preparing to capacity balancing market. And they ask not to lower their “green” tariff.

Electricity from biomass and biogas will not be cheaper than from the sun or wind, but it has a number of arguments in order to increase its state support and not to reduce the “green” tariff.

“Small “green” objects need to be supported, not oligarchic power stations” – the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine

The development of small solar power plants, both on the roofs of private households and on land with low capacity, is the development of small business, and not oligarchic groups. And this should be...

Estonia has banned the construction of a wind farm for 1.7 billion euros, suspecting funding from the Russian Federation

The Estonian Internal Security Service imposed a ban on the construction of a wind park Saare Wind Energy worth 1.7 billion euros because of possible funding from Russia.

Norwegian “Scater Solar” will start a construction of SPP in Kherson region

“Atlas Capital Energy” LLC, which is owned by the Norwegian “Scatec Solar”, will start a construction of a 50 MW solar power plant.