Renewable energy News

ВР приняла в первом чтении законопроект о уменьшении «зеленого» тарифа

За соответствующее решение проголосовало 268 народных депутатов.

Lithuania launched electric buses that are made from plastic bottles

4 new Dancer electric buses were launched on the routes of the city of Klaipeda.

NEFCO asks the government to come into agreement with all investors in renewable energy sources

Currently, NEFCO's investments in Ukraine amount to more than €125 million.

Bioenergy capacities in Ukraine are built only at 20% of the planned by 2020

The sector is 80% behind development plans.

SPP will be installed on the building of Vinnytsiaoblteploenergo

The company does not plan to sell energy at FIT.

Spain launched 111 MW wind farm

Iberdrola completed the project during quarantine.

Guaranteed Buyer partially paid off renewable energy producers for March

The payment level is 13%.

A daft law on the restructuring of a feed-in tariff was introduced to the Verkhovna Rada

The Cabinet of Ministers registered the daft law No.3658.

The Cabinet of Ministers pre-approved memorandum with investors in renewable energy sources

The government is in the final stages of signing a document with investors.

Polish oil and gas company invests $1 billion in renewable energy

Renewables will increase the value of the company.

Investors in renewable energy: only authorities can end the crisis

Prospects of negotiations are disappointing.

340 MW wind farm will be built in New York

The state plans to achieve zero carbon emissions in the electricity sector by 2040.