Renewable energy News

The world's largest copper mine is switching to clean energy

The mine annually provides 20% of the global market.

A wind farm with a capacity of 88 MW will be built near Norway

The project cost will be $550 million.

Quotas for the "green" auction. Over the next 5 years, 3000 MW of new renewable energy capacities are planned

Over the next 5 years, it is planned to auction 3 GW of “green” generating capacities.

We buy clean electricity three times more expensive than we sell at the “day-ahead” market – Guaranteed Buyer

The losses of the state-owned company Guaranteed Buyer exceeded 566.5 million UAH, if nothing is changed with a feed-in tariff, it will reach 15.9 billion UAH.

A feed-in tariff reduction. How abrupt movements towards renewables harm the investment climate.

Clean generation opposes retrospective reduction of a feed-in tariff – this will kneecap investment stability in Ukraine.

Capacity of clean energy increased to 4.6 GW

In three months, the capacity of renewable energy increased by 1 GW.

Producers of clean energy paid 2 billion UAH in September

However, Guaranteed Buyer did not receive payment from Ukrenergo.

Three solar power plants with a total capacity of 393.7 MW to be built in Brazil

A Canadian company won an auction.

A wind farm with a capacity of 100 MW will be built in Kherson region

The wind farm will consist of 22 wind turbines.

Energy Committee discusses legislative changes in clean generation financing

The Committee stated the need for legislative changes.

More than €2 billion have been invested in alternative energy since the beginning of the year

The total capacity of renewable electricity doubled over 9 months.

UDP Renewables launched 8.6 MW SPP

A solar power station has been built in Odesa region.