Renewable energy News

Guaranteed Buyer transferred the next payment for renewable electricity produced in August

In total, renewable energy producers received UAH 4 billion for the "green" electricity in August.

Ukrenergo received state guarantees for the issue of Eurobonds to pay off debts to the "greens"

The funds should be used to pay off past debts to renewable energy producers.

Guaranteed Buyer continues to pay debts for renewable electricity

The enterprise transferred funds to the renewable energy producers for August.

Guaranteed Buyer continues to pay for green electricity in installments

The company paid about 57% to renewable energy producers in September.

Guaranteed Buyer transferred funds to renewable electricity producers for August

Electricity for the specified period was paid for at 50.5%.

Guaranteed Buyer transferred funds for the "green" electricity produced in the summer

The company pays for the electricity generated in August.

Guaranteed Buyer transferred funds to renewable electricity producers for September

The company made an advance payment to electricity producers at the FIT.

Solar panel price hikes threaten the Paris Agreement – study

Worldwide solar panel prices are up 16%.

EU is to issue green bonds worth EUR250bn

The funds raised will be used for green projects, and the EC will report on their impact on the environment.

SSU exposed an embezzlement scheme in the production of renewable electricity

The approximate sum of losses is about UAH 40 million.

Guaranteed Buyer transferred more than UAH 1 billion to renewable energy producers

The company paid for the "green" electricity in July and August.

Rooftop solar panels will become mandatory in California from 2023

All state developers will be required to install photovoltaic cells on commercial buildings.