Renewable energy News

Guaranteed Buyer has already transferred the second payment for the "green" electricity in November

The state-owned enterprise made an advance payment for electricity, producers from renewable sources generated within 20 days of the month.

The Ministry of Energy will continue to move towards the development of renewable energy and contribute to improving energy efficiency

Buslavets announced the beginning of the transformation of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency, which should become a key cross-sectoral body for the implementation of the state policy of the "green...

Buslavets: Producers of renewable electricity will receive October’s payments in December

Renewable energy producers received the full payments for August and September.

France's PV installed capacity crosses 10-GW mark

France's solar PV capacity is planned to reach 20.1GW by 2023.

Guaranteed Buyer transferred UAH 150 million to renewable energy producers

Last week, Guaranteed Buyer also made several payments to renewable energy producers.

Waste disposal will allow Vilnius to receive heat and electricity

In Vilnius, a thermal power plant, which converts household waste into electricity and heat, was launched.

Norwegian oil and gas company will build offshore wind turbine towers in the US

Norwegian Equinor has announced that it is going to host America's first offshore wind turbine tower plant.

Owners of home solar power plants in Kyiv earned UAH 10 million per year

Over the past year, 29 new prosumers have been added to the capital.

A research station using renewables is being built in Antarctica

Brazil is building a research station with solar panels and wind turbines.

It is too early to stop supporting renewable energy in Ukraine – ASEU

Ukraine has not yet reached its goals.

State Agency on Energy Efficiency supports the introduction of net metering instead of the FIT

Relevant changes in legislation are being developed.

A solar power plant was installed on untreated timber structures in France

About 600 wooden structures were used for the SPP.