ASEU: Draft law No.2435 needs to be adjusted in terms of prePPA duration and conditions for solar projects

The Association of Solar Energy of Ukraine in general supports the draft law on improving the investment climate in the field of renewable energy (No.2543). But it insists on the need to preserve the opportunity for investors to complete projects during the year under prePPA, as well as change a feed-in tariff on the terms of voluntary restructuring not by “minus” 15% as proposed, but by 7.5 % This will provide an opportunity for the business to continue the development of “green” generation in Ukraine. About this Executive Director of the Association of Solar Energy of Ukraine Artem Semenishyn told to Kosatka.Media.

“Draft law No.2543 proposes to reduce the construction of a solar power station and a wind farm to several months. Our association proposes, within the framework of voluntary restructuring, to reduce the duration of prePPA for all solar projects to 1 year from the moment the becomes effective, instead of two years, which is guaranteed by applicable law. Business needs at least one year to finish building. This is a very intensive work and many factors influence: timely delivery of equipment, timely response by government agencies. But in general, almost all the member companies of our Association can meet the year”, Semenishyn assured.

The second main point, the second main factor, which the Association insists on adjusting, is the tariff reduction for stations with which preliminary agreements (pre-PPA) with SE Guaranteed Buyer are concluded. The draft law proposes a “minus” of 15% for a wind farm and a minus of 10% for a wind farm with a five-year extension.

“The norm on reducing payments with a coefficient of 0.85 for prePPA projects that will be introduced next year should also be adjusted, this coefficient according to our calculations cannot be less than 0.925 to maintain industry stability and protect investors. All companies operating in the solar energy sector are socially responsible. Therefore, we understand that the state needs to be supported, to take on its shoulders some of the problems. But we need a well-thought-out strategy so that the market does not stop, but continues to work and develop”, the speaker emphasized.

Recall, on December 6, a group of deputies registered in the Verkhovna Rada the draft law No.2543 “On amendments to certain laws of Ukraine regarding the improvement of the investment climate in the field of renewable energy”.

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