Austria will allocate €42 million for the installation of rooftop photovoltaics

€24 million euros will be allocated for the installation of rooftop photovoltaics with a capacity of up to 500 kW In Austria. It is reported by Ecotown.

The investment grant program was launched by the Austrian energy agency OeMAG.

The maximum amount of compensation is €250 per 1 kW. It is expected that this will increase the total capacity of roofing solar stations in Austria by 100 MW.

The support program also provides for the allocation of €12 million for the installation of energy storages. The maximum grant size is €200 per 1 kWh. It is assumed that financial incentives will increase the total energy intensity of energy storage by 60 MWh.

To recap, Austria committed to completely switch to renewable energy sources and to abandon the use of nuclear power plants by 2030.

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