Autonomous drones will clean hard-to-reach solar panels

Israeli company Solar Drone and Airobotics have developed autonomous drones to clean solar farms located in hard-to-reach areas, 3Dnews reports.

Dust, dirt and debris constantly accumulate on solar panels, but they are often located on the roofs of buildings or in hard-to-reach areas, so their processing causes certain difficulties.

Solar Drone, which maintains solar farms, and drone manufacturer Airobotics, have unveiled a quadcopter for cleaning solar farms.

The drone will be hidden in a weatherproof dock located near the solar panels.

The dock will open at regular intervals, releasing an aircraft that will fly around the panels. For more accurate positioning using lidars and cameras. Each panel will be treated with a cleaning liquid, and after work, the drone will return to the docking station. If necessary, the robotic system will replace the discharged battery and the empty container with the cleaner with a full one.

Amazon decided to make its delivery environmentally friendly.

As reported, a system of diagnostics and control of the operation of large SPPs was implemented in Ukraine.

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