The Bioenergy Association of Ukraine asks to increase the quotas for supporting the production of electricity from "other" renewable energy sources for 2021-2022

The volume of quotas for supporting the production of electricity from "other" (except for SPPs and wind farms) renewable energy sources (biomass, biogas, as well as produced by several types of small hydroelectric power plants) for 2021-2022 must be increased to 100 MW annually, according to the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine (BAU), Energoreforma reports.

The Association sent the corresponding letter of appeal to Acting the Minister of Energy of Ukraine Yurii Boyko and Head of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency Committee Kostiantyn Hure and Head of the Board of NPC Ukrenergo, Volodymyr Kudrytsky.

“We ask to increase the number of support quotas for “other” alternative energy sources up to 100 MW annually for 2021-2022,” is written in a letter posted on the BAU website.

The document, in particular, indicates that the proposed by the Ministry of Energy quotas of 60 MW for 2021 and 80 MW for 2022 are not enough for projects on "other" alternative energy sources, in particular, for the production of electricity at bioenergy plants, which are being prepared to be put up for the auction.

According to the Association, the alternative option of support quotas for "other" alternative sources of up to 100 MW for 2021-2022, proposed by the National Power Company Ukrenergo, is more reasonable. They also drew attention to the State Agency on Energy Efficiency proposal of 160 MW for 2021 and 170 MW for 2022 for "other" sources.

Earlier, the Ministry of Energy proposed to hold "green" auctions for 365 MW next year.

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