Buslavets: the Ministry of Energy is developing a roadmap for Ukraine's hydrogen energy

Ukraine has been identified as a priority partner in the hydrogen strategy for a climate-neutral Europe by 2050, thanks to its potential for producing “green” hydrogen and existing infrastructure connected to the EU.

Acting Minister of Energy Olha Buslavets reported this during the online roundtable "Hydrogen Economy: Roadmap."

“Ukraine is setting ambitious climate goals for decarbonizing energy, industry, and transport. Therefore, the use of "green" hydrogen is a tool that can ensure the achievement of the set goals. The Ministry is already developing a roadmap for Ukraine's hydrogen energy. We have outlined short-term, medium-term, and long-term prospects for hydrogen transportation,” Olha Buslavets noted.

The short term is that hydrogen will be transported in small quantities in gaseous form in tanks, by trucks using road infrastructure. Medium-term – hydrogen can be transported as liquid organic hydrogen (LOHC) by trucks and rail infrastructure. Long-term – using regional and transport infrastructure of gas pipelines for local transport in large quantities and export volumes.

The gas transmission system's capabilities for transporting hydrogen must be carefully studied in conjunction with experts to ensure safe operation.

“This issue needs to be further worked out together with EU experts to determine the routes, as well as a set of measures to ensure the reliability and safety of the gas transmission system with the new energy carrier,” said Buslavets.

Further work will include:

  • development and adoption of a regulatory framework to ensure the functioning of the hydrogen energy industry in Ukraine, an approximation of legislation with the requirements of international law in this area;
  • introduction of a standardization system in the field of hydrogen energy in Ukraine developed based on internationally established standards and norms for this type of fuel;
  • development of requirements and safety measures in the process of production, storage, transportation, and consumption of hydrogen, taking into account modern technologies of the leading EU countries.

Within the Expert Council's framework at the Ministry, a Working Group on the development of hydrogen energy has already been created, in which interested parties can participate.

Following the Green Hydrogen Initiative for the European Green Deal 2x40 GW and the COVID-19 crisis exit plan, Ukraine has allocated 10 GW of new “green” hydrogen production capacity, most of which are destined for export to the European Union.

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