A dam in the Alps will be equipped with vertical solar panels

The dam in the Alps will be turned into a vertical solar station of 6.000 solar panels. It is reported by Ecotechnica.

Axpo plans to build a 2 MW solar power plant on the dam wall of Lake Mattsee, located 2.500 meters above sea level. Company representatives are currently negotiating with partners regarding future electricity supplies based on long-term contracts.

According to Christoph Sutter, Head of Renewable Energy, Axpo Renewable Energy, Mattsee Dam is perfect for placing solar panels — its wall faces south and has a stable connection to the power system. High altitude conditions also contribute to the generation of electricity – there are no fogs and there is little cloud cover. At the same time, as you know, solar panels work more efficiently at low temperatures.

Recently, a number of solar power plants have been created on the Swiss plateau, but they have proved ineffective in solving the problems of winter supplies. However, the company's experts are confident that the high-mountain projects will help the country implement the energy development strategy, calculated until 2050.

According to the Swissolar industry association, in conditions of the need to abandon fossil fuels and reduce the generation of electricity at nuclear power plants, the country needs solar power plants with a total capacity of 50 GW, which is 25 times more than the current figure.

Earlier it was reported that it is planned to build a floating SPP in Seychelles.

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