Until the end of the year, the deficit of payments to Guaranteed Buyer will amount to 400 million UAH – the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection

At the X International Renewable Energy Investment Forum, Deputy Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection for European Integration Kostyantyn Chyzhyk announced a shortage of funds for State Enterprise Guaranteed Buyer for 2019. 

“It's easier to say that we are not doing anything and leave everything as it is. Then the country will fall to a technical default in “green” energy. The deficit of Guaranteed Buyer by the end of this year is already 400 million UAH, next year it will be 16 billion UAH”, he said.

Earlier it was reported that Ukrenergo proposes to discuss the issue of compensation for payments at a feed-in tariff to Guaranteed Buyer and universal service providers, since there is no unified approach to forecasting costs.

Ukrenergo notes that the issue is very important for the company, because it is the amount of compensation for a feed-in tariff that affects the increase in the company's tariff.

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