Households has invested 300 million euros in solar power plants (PHOTO)

About 15 thousand households in Ukraine already use “clean” electricity, investing 300 million euros in solar panels. This was reported by the press service of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency.

The total capacity of the installed home-use SPPs is almost 350 MW.  In particular, in the third quarter of 2019, about 3 thousand households installed solar panels with a total capacity of almost 70 MW.

TOP-3 regions with the largest number of households with SPPs:

 - Dnipropetrovsk – almost 2000 (50 MW)

 - Ternopil – about 1370 (37 MW)

 - Kyiv – about 1350 (27 MW)

Recall that from January 1, 2020, Ukraine is changing the support system for clean energy – instead of a fixed feed-in tariff there will be auctions to determine the price of electricity that will be produced by new capacities.

Recently, the State Agency on Energy Efficiency presented a plan of clean electricity capacities: 3.000 MW for 5 years.  The quota should be approved by the Ministry of Energy.

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