DTEK starts construction of the second stage of Primorskaya Wind Farm-2

Rinat Akhmetov’s company DTEK has begun the installation of wind turbines of the second stage of Primorskaya Wind Farm.  The capacity will be 100 MW.

“We began to install the first wind turbine at the Primorskaya Wind Farm-2.  In just a few months, the picturesque landscapes of Zaporizhzhia region will complement another 26 powerful wind turbines produced by General Electric”, the company said.

Construction of a wind farm is scheduled for completion in the fall.

Recall that in Zaporizhzhia region at the Primorsk Wind Farm, the first 7 wind installations were commissioned.  

After the launch of the last start-up complex, the total capacity of the wind farm will be 200 MW.  The wind farm will produce 650-700 million kWh annually.


Source: kosatka.media

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