DTEK placed “green” bonds of €325 million

DTEK Renewables B.V placed standard “green” bonds worth €325 million with a 8.5% coupon. It is reported by Interfax-Ukraine.

“Green” Eurobonds are a new tool for Ukrainian companies to attract investment in the development of renewable energy. The debut attraction of “green” Eurobonds provides an effective financial mechanism for Ukraine's transition to an energy balance with lower CO2”, comments Maxym Tymchenko, DTEK Director General.

DTEK reports that the funds raised from the placement of “green” Eurobonds will be directed to DTEK Renewables projects in renewable energy. Starting from November 12, the company's “green” Eurobonds will be listed on the Euronext Dublin Exchange.

The funds raised from the placement of “green” Eurobonds will be used exclusively for existing and future projects of DTEK Renewables in renewable energy. This should enable the company to implement a plan to expand its installed capacity of ground-based wind and solar power plants to 1.9 GW compared to about 0.95 GW expected at the end of this year.

Earlier it was reported that DTEK had launched Pokrovska SPP with a capacity of 240 MW.

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