Equinor to build two offshore wind farms in Brazil with a total capacity of 4 GW

Norwegian oil and gas concern Equinor will build two offshore wind farms in Brazil, 2 GW each, Ecotown reports.

The Equinor concern has begun the process of licensing the wind farms Aracatu I and Aracatu II.

Offshore wind farms will be located approximately 20 km offshore at a depth of 15 to 35 meters. A total of 320 wind turbines will be installed, 160 per power plant, with a nominal capacity of 12 MW each.

An offshore substation will be built for each facility to convert and transfer power to the coast. Onshore, another substation will provide connectivity to the main transmission network.

The capacity of each wind farm can be increased to 2.33 GW. Thus, the largest offshore wind complex in the world with a capacity of 4-4.66 GW will appear in Brazil.

At the end of 2019, the installed capacity of onshore wind power in Brazil exceeded 15 GW. Aracatu I and Aracatu II will be the first offshore wind farms.

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