Europeans could get lower tax on solar panels for roofs

The European Council approved amendments to the EU rules on VAT rates. If the proposal is accepted, solar modules for residential premises and applications in the "public interest" will be included in the list of goods and services for which no more than 5% value-added tax may be charged, reports.

“The new rules reflect the current needs of the member states and the current political goals of the EU, which have changed significantly since the introduction of the old rules,” the EU said in a statement. "The updates ensure equal treatment of member states and give them more flexibility in applying reduced rates and zero VAT."

Solar panels must now be included in one of seven categories that can be exempt from VAT. The document states that the VAT exemption may apply to "the delivery and installation of solar modules in and around private homes, residential buildings, and public and other buildings used for public interest activities." The list also includes, for example, electric bicycles and recycling services.

In the EU, I believe that the inclusion of PV modules in this list was correct, as it was in line with Europe's environmental commitments for decarbonization and a green course.

To recap, Google has entered into a "green" deal on the purchase of electricity from a wind farm.

As reported, Nissan will build a solar power plant, the capacity of which will be enough to assemble every Nissan Leaf sold in Europe.

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