Facebook, Dominion expand solar partnership with 100 MW in Virginia

Dominion Energy Inc and social media giant Facebook have joined hands in a 100-MW solar project in Virginia.

The Sadler Solar farm, as it is named, will be constructed, owned and operated by Dominion Energy in Greensville County, the utility said on Thursday. Facebook will buy the environmental attributes generated by the plant, which is planned to go live by the end of this year.

The project was given the go-ahead by the Virginia State Corporation Commission last month. It joins a list of eight other Dominion Energy projects in Virginia and North Carolina that are supporting Facebook's operations with renewable energy. Since 2017, the companies have collaborated on projects facilitating the construction of over 690 MW of solar plants in those two states.

Facebook has pledged to meet the electricity demand of its global operations with 100% renewable power by end-2020. Dominion Energy noted that partnering with renewable energy buyers like Facebook supports its goal of having 3 GW of solar and wind assets in operation or under development by 2022.


Source: Renewablesnow

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