Guaranteed Buyer tried to challenge the payment of UAH 1.36 million of debt at the FIT

The state-owned company Guaranteed Buyer appealed against the decision of the Economic Court of Kyiv, which forced it to pay UAH 1.36 million of debt at the FIT in favor of the company Unitary Energystandart (operates small hydroelectric power plants).

This is stated in the materials of the Court Register, Kosatka.Media reports.

The decision in favor of Unitary Energystandart was made on September 22. Then the Economic Court ordered the state-owned enterprise to return the debt, as well as reimburse the court fee in the amount of UAH 20.4 thousand.

Two weeks later, Guaranteed Buyer went on the offensive – first it asked for a deferral of payment for up to 1 year, and then he filed an application for the disqualification of Judge Victoria Lomaka, who was supposed to decide on the deferral. However, Guaranteed Buyer was denied the rejection of the judge.

At the same time, the state-owned enterprise appealed against the decision of the Economic Court on appeal. This automatically paused its request to postpone the payment of the debt pending the consideration of the complaint in the Northern Court of Appeal in Kyiv.

However, even Unitary Energystandart, having a decision in its favor, will not be able to receive money until the appellate court has its say.

Ukrainian producers of renewable electricity, which Guaranteed Buyer owed more than UAH 24 billion, began to seek compensation through the courts.

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