Guaranteed Buyer made another payment for “green” electricity

SC Guaranteed Buyer made an advance payment for electricity generated by renewable generation on May 25, the press service reports.

The company partially paid for electricity for the 20 days of May.

The advance payment amounted to UAH 150 million. In total, Guaranteed Buyer paid UAH 220 million for electricity of May. The payment level for the current month was 7%. The company used the funds received from the sale of electricity from renewable energy sources in organized market segments.

The company also said that it had not received advance payments from NPC Ukrenergo according to the Electricity Purchase Procedure at a feed-in tariff.

Now the total debt of Ukrenergo to Guaranteed Buyer has exceeded UAH 15 billion. These funds are the main source for fulfilling obligations to pay for electricity at a feed-in tariff.

Recall that in April, Guaranteed Buyer bought 32% less electricity than in March.

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