State Agency on Energy Efficiency supports the introduction of net metering instead of the FIT

The State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine supports introducing a net metering system instead of the FIT. The department has already considered that this replacement has significant prospects for Ukraine and its renewable energy system.

Deputy Chairman of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency Yurii Shafarenko told about this during the first Ukrainian solar EPC forum, Kosatka.Media reports.

“We are interested, and shortly, we plan to develop appropriate amendments to the current legislation so that the net metering system will work in our company. To enable enterprises to install solar or other renewable energy generation facilities, and provide them only for their own needs,” he said.


According to the ministry's analysts, about 380 thousand enterprises in Ukraine consume about 78 billion kWh per year, and 6.5 million households, consuming about 20 billion kWh per year. If we take 20% of all enterprises that can and will want to switch to renewable energy sources to provide electricity only to themselves, this will amount to 16 billion kWh per year or 16 GW of SPPs.

“We see that the potential is huge. Therefore, we must create such conditions soon for an investor to enter there and implement renewable energy projects because they are beneficial to everyone. For the state, because it will not pay any obligations under the "green" tariff, for enterprises - because in the long term, the tariff for them will be even lower than they are buying from the network now. And for the end consumer - therefore, the cost of products will include fewer electricity costs,” Shafarenko said.

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But to develop legislation, several important issues must first be resolved, said the Deputy Chairman of the State Energy Efficiency Agency: how to take into account excess energy and for what period, whether to take into account the payment for imbalances, what will be the restrictions on the installed capacity of the station.


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