Sweden expects 129% jump in wind output by 2022

Sweden expects a significant increase in both wind and solar power generation, and a drop in total electricity supply and demand in the country in the period 2019-2022, Renewablesnow reports.

Wind farm output will more than double from 16.6 TWh in 2018 to 38 TWh in 2022, while the increase in solar generation will be from 0.4 TWh to 1.7 TWh, a short-term forecast by the Swedish Energy Agency shows. The rise in wind is due to strong capacity growth in the coming years. The solar increase is more significant than previously expected.

Total power supply and use is seen to 526 TWh in 2022 from 551 TWh in 2019. This is mainly due to a drop in nuclear power, leading to lower energy losses.

The agency also said the use of fossil fuels, especially coal, is to drop, while biofuels are growing.

Earlier it was reported that the American company Amazon would build a wind farm in Sweden.

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