Chinese company plans to build a SPP for 50 million euros in Kharkiv region

Chinese investors are intended to build one of the largest solar power plants for about 50 million euros in Pervomaysk, Ukraine.

The Deputy Prime Minister Volodymyr Kistion said it in Regional Development Council of Kharkiv region.

“This is not just a figure, this is additional employment in the region, competitive salary, additional income to the budget”, he said.

Kistion recalled that Zmiivska TPP (Kharkiv region) is the first power plant, which in 2017 was switched to gas-coal produced in Ukraine.

“It provided a good example for other TPPs and 75% of thermal power plants in Ukraine are operating using gas-coal now”, the Deputy Prime Minister said.

It was reported earlier that Ukraine and Denmark have signed an agreement, according to which Danish government organization Danida Business Finance will provide interest-free loans for renewables, energy efficiency supply and treatment of water projects in Ukraine.

Source: biz.censor

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