The Verkhovna Rada Committee supported the abolition of tax breaks for imported equipment for renewables

The Committee on Tax and Financial Policies supported the abolition of the benefit, which exempted the import of power equipment for solar and wind power plants from VAT. This was announced on Facebook by the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Energy and Public Services Andriy Gerus.

“The beneficiaries of this benefit were the companies (their owners) that built the solar power plants and wind farms and were launched at the highest feed-in tariffs in the world (the sun tariff in Ukraine is 15 euro cents, in Germany 4.7 euro cents, and in Uzbekistan 6 euro cents)”, he wrote.

Gerus noted that Ukrainian producers of energy equipment lost because of this benefit through tax payments already through input VAT and did not have equal conditions.

“Also, the Ukrainian state budget lost about UAH 10 billion in 2019 did not come because of this benefit. Thanks to the Committee for this decision. It’s unpleasantly surprising how passive the position regarding the abolition of such oligarchic privileges is taken by the Ministry of Finance, which then cannot draw up the budget and saves on doctors, teachers and pensioners”, Gerus said.

As reported earlier, the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection did not support the draft law No.2543 on the restructuring of a feed-in tariff for renewable energy producers.

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