A company from Liechtenstein will build a 250 MW wind farm in Ukraine

Krolevets city council (Sumy region) signed a memorandum of cooperation with ESE Investment AG (Liechtenstein). The company plans to build a 250 MW wind farm, Ecotown reports.

“Since there is an energy shortage in Sumy region, and Ukraine plans to change the frequency of the network to connect to the European energy system, it is necessary to increase the power of the power plants to meet their own needs and sales”, said Olaf Knappe, member of the Administrative Council of ESE Investment AG. “In our case, these are alternative sources of energy: the sun, wind, and possibly biomass”.

Electricity generated by the wind farm will be supplied to the IPS at a feed-in tariff. The total project cost is €375 million.

Recall, the Ministry offers investors a reduction in a feed-in tariff by 10-17%.

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