The largest wind farm in Norway is commissioned

The 255.6 MW Roan ground wind farm is currently fully operational.

The Roann wind turbine, equipped with 71 turbines, is expected to annually produce about 900 GWh of electricity per year, which will be used to power the Tröndelag region in the country.

This is the first wind farm from six stations of the Forsen Vind complex. It will include Geitfjellet and Hitra 2 wind power plants (275 MW), located south of Trondheim Fjord, as well as Harbaksfjellet, Storheia and Kvenndalsfjellet (780 MW), which will be built on the north side of the fjord.

After completing the construction of all phases of the project, Forsen will be the largest wind energy project in Europe. This complex belongs to the consortium, which includes Statkraft (52.1%), Nordic Wind Power (40%) and TrønderEnergi (7.9%).

“We are very pleased that Roan wind farm has started working at full capacity, and we are happy that this allowed us to create additional jobs and bring new activity to the region. Fosen Vind is the largest exporting company of our commune”, said Einar Eian, mayor of Rouen.

Earlier it was reported that a mirror solar power plant was commissioned in the USA.



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