Lviv farmers will create a dryer for berries, powered by solar energy

In the village of Korostiv, in Lviv region, local farmer Liubomyr Sherstyuk and inventor from Lviv Yurii Dudykevich plan to create a unique dryer in the attic of the house, which will dry berries, fruits, mushrooms, herbs with the help of sunlight. It is reported by Seeds.

In the future, they plan to sell products to Europe.

“Everyone in the village has a large free space – this is the roof, the attic, which is used to a minimum. Therefore, we plan to make such a working model. We’ll build a solar collector and make a drying chamber for it and test how it works this summer,” says Liubomyr Sherstyuk.

It will be possible to dry berries from May to October. Solar absorbers are metal plates that accumulate up to 90% of solar energy, will transfer energy further to the wall from flax and lime, which will absorb energy and will hold it by heating water.

Such absorbers are manufactured abroad and they are much cheaper than solar panels or other renewable energy products.

“In the future, we want to create a cooperative in the village to help people live normally on their land and do not go to earn money somewhere far away. I already thought that a cooperative could produce up to 100 tons of drying in six months! But it will be necessary to build several dryers. Moreover, there is a project of a dryer and a greenhouse under one roof. In summer it would work as a dryer, and in winter as a greenhouse, where you can grow some greens. Therefore, absorbers can accumulate solar energy in winter,” says Yurii Dudykevich.

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