Small ground SPPs will get “green” tariff back

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the draft law No.10357 and returned to the owners of small ground-based solar power plants (SPP) guarantees of obtaining a “green” tariff.

“The draft law removes technical inconsistencies... We remove restrictions and allow households to build small solar stations on the ground.  This is the norm that was in force until the adoption of the law (Law 2712-VIII on “green” auctions – Interfax)”, said Olexander Dombrovsky, the Acting  Head of the Parliamentary Committee on the Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety, during the presentation of the draft law in the Parliament Hall.

Recall that in the course of consideration of the draft law on changing the system of support for renewable energy in the second reading, MPs rejected an amendment prohibiting the installation of home solar power plants on the ground, but then passed the draft law along with it.

Amendment #24 was introduced in the draft law before the second reading and suggests that household solar power plants with a capacity of up to 50 kW (now in law the maximum household SPP with a “green” tariff can have a power of 30 kW) to receive a “green” tariff should be located exclusively on rooftops or facades of capital structures.

After that, people's deputies registered the draft law No.10333 on guarantees of the “green” tariff for home SPPs.



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