U.S. iron and steel works will be powered by wind

In the United States, Missouri, a small iron and steel works will start operating, which will receive electricity from a 75 MW wind farm, Ecotown reports.

This project is being implemented by the steel company Nucor in partnership with energy company Evergy.

“The Nucor plant was not originally planned to be connected to wind power”, says Evergy CEO. “However, the competitive price has convinced the steel company, which is constantly looking for ways to increase energy efficiency in order to reduce its environmental impact, to choose the wind.”

The plant will use energy to power electric arc furnaces that will melt scrap and turn it into new, recycled steel. It is planned to put it into operation before the end of the year.

Missouri has a law that allows utilities to apply preferential electricity tariffs to aluminum and steel producers who buy significant amounts of energy.

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