The Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection: Hydrogen is not hype and not hyperloop

The Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection has declared a high interest in hydrogen technologies as an opportunity to transform energy in Ukraine. First, it is planned to study the issue at a scientific level, together with Ukrainian scientists. A section of the Scientific and Technical Council “Hydrogen Energy” under the Ministry of Energy will be created.

Deputy Minister of Energy Olexiy Ryabchin said it during a meeting on the establishment of the council.

According to him, Minister Olexiy Orzhel ordered to restart the process of cooperation between the Ministry and scientific organizations on the issue of hydrogen, as one of the first tasks. The Ministry is interested and needs to find out the potential in this direction. Previously, it is “crazy” for Ukraine. The newly created council should find out: what needs to be done to intensify the processes that are taking place in the world – what is happening with hydrogen, how to commercialize, reduce the price.

“Minister Oleksiy Orzhel and the entire team of the Ministry of Energy definitely send a political signal that hydrogen is the future of energy. The Ministry will contribute, and sees hydrogen technology in its strategies”, Ryabchin assured.

Ukraine will also join the New Green Deal, where the issue of hydrogen energy is one of the most important.

“For the Ministry of Energy, hydrogen is not hype, not PR, and not hyperloop. This is a scientific and scientific-technical component, research, understanding of the processes where we are moving. The Ministry will not deal exclusively with hydrogen. There is something to do. And this for us, for now, is a thing that is related to science and analytics. The Ministry will definitely not commercialize technology. And what will happen – harmonization of national and industry standards, a sub-regulation, regulatory barriers”, Ryabchin specified.

According to him, this is the minimum that “we can do with the limited resources that are in the Ministry of Energy for science”.


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